Corporate Annual Prices

Type of Membership Annual Annual Contract: 12 monthly Payments
Family $658.20 $54.80
Couple $560.70 $46.72
Single $453.68 $37.80
High School Youth


Middle School Youth $198.57 $16.56
Elementary Youth $168.55 $14.06






Annual Corporate Rates are a cost effective tool for countering escalating health care costs while improving the productivity and morale of employees.  To be eligible for the corporate plan, a company must employ a minimum of ten employees and monetarily guarantee membership of 10% of their workforce or a minimum of ten employees, whichever figure is higher.  Corporate accounts will be billed to the company at the beginning for each membership year.  However, a company must maintain ten memberships or 10% of their workforce to remain eligible for corporate rates.

**Tax included    *Fees are based on an annual continuous contractual agreement. 

The Corporate rate offers up to a 15% discount off our regular membership rates.