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Mailing Address

PO Box 1316, Huron, SD 57350

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Prices and Rates

Corporate Participants

American Bank and Trust
Beadle Count Auditors   
City of Huron   
Community Counseling 
Dakota Provisions 
Dakotaland Federal Credit Union  
Ellwein Brothers, Inc.  
F & M Bank     
Federal Employees Council
Huron Area Center for Independence  
Huron Area Education      
Huron Plainsman  
Huron School District #2-2
Prostrollo Motors  
Sunquest Healthcare Center  
Tschetter Hohm Clinic


Monthly Membership Rates

Family:  $91.46

Couple:  $79.45

Single:  $64.43

Sr. Couple:  $73.58

Sr. Single:  $58.45

High School Youth:  $51.23

Middle School Youth:  $40.71

Elementary Youth:  $36.15

College or Military:  $48.31

*Prices include tax

*To get the College and Military rates, person must verify that they are an active member in the military and/or must be a full-time college student (12 Credits).

Single Day Use Passes

Family:  $17.85

Single:  $8.90

Seniors (62 or older):  $5.90

College (with ID):  $5.90

Military (with papers/ID): $5.90

Students (K-12):  $4.45

Preschool (2-5yrs old): $2.55

Noon Basketball: $5.62

*Prices include tax