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Welcome to
The Nordby Center

The Nordby Center for Recreation has something for all individuals and families with physical activity in mind.  The facility offers a full range of modern equipment and spaces designed to accommodate the wide variety of classes and programs that have been developed for the fitness needs of a community. 

Why We Do Fitness

The Nordby Center for Recreation strives to:

  • Offer quality recreational, cultural, social and educational programs to everyone.

  • Provide a facility that is safe, inviting and user friendly.

  • Provide excellent customer service.

  • Be a responsive, self-sufficient facility.

Our Facility Includes:

  • Wellness area housing:

    • Air RunnerTM

    • 5 treadmills

    • 6 ellipticals

    • 4 stationary bikes

    • 2 row machines

    • 3 NU Step™

    • Sci-Fit™

    • 3 AMTTM Machines

    • 1 StairMasterTM

  • 16 Strength Training machines with separate free weight area

  • Free Weight Room:

    • Squat Racks

    • Olympic Bench

    • Olympic Incline Bench

    • Smith Machine

    • TRX Bands

    • Fixed Barbells

    • plus much more.

  • Boxing / Kickboxing Room

  • Heated Indoor Pool

  • Basketball Courts

  • Tennis Courts

  • Pickleball Courts

  • Racquetball Courts

  • Volleyball Courts

  • Indoor Track

  • Aerobics Studio

  • Power Pacing or Spinning Studio

  • Free Wireless Internet

Intense Workout



  1. Youth ages 12-13 must be accompanied by a parent while using the strength training and cardio equipment.  The parent must be actively supervising.

  2. All weights must be cleaned & properly put away after each person is done using them.

  3. Each person must spray and wipe down the area used once they are finished

  4. Do not put coats, bags, etc. on the weight room floor.  Put them in the appropriate area.

  5. No grunting or loud noises that may bother other members.

  6. Music must be played at the appropriate volume.

  7. Do not bang or drop the weights.

  8. Always use a thud mat when using dumbbells or barbells.

  9. Please do not use weight room chalk.

  10. Shirt and shoes must be worn at all times.

  11. During peak periods, the time limit on all cardiovascular equipment is 20 minutes.

No babies allowed in the weight room or cardio area.  Babies in car seats or strapped to the mother while working out on equipment is prohibited.  Babies are allowed in the track area only if they are in a stroller or strapped to their mother.


  1. All members must scan their membership card at the front desk upon entrance to the facility.  Replacement cards cost $2.00.

  2. A second pair of shoes is required* before using the cardio and strength equipment, the weight room, racquetball courts, and/or basketball courts.  We need your help to keep the facility and equipment clean.

*You will be asked to leave the facility if you do not comply.

  1. No smoking or chewing tobacco allowed on property. We are a tobacco free facility.

  2. All members must wear appropriate gym attire:

    1. No sandals or dress shoes

    2. Full coverage shorts or pants

    3. Shirts and shoes worn at all times

    4. Bare midriffs are not permitted

    5. No jeans; rivets are hard on equipment upholstery

  3. No objectionable graphics/profanity on clothing.

  4. All youth aged 7-13 years may utilize the gym and racquetball courts located on the first floor if a parent / guarding is on site.

  5. Youth under 7 years are required to be under direct supervision of a parent always while in the facility.

  6. Children under 14 may not attend adult classes.

  7. Youth ages 12-13 must be accompanied by a parent while using the strength training and cardio equipment. The parent must be actively supervising the activity.

  8. Children are permitted in organized youth programs without adults/parents.

  9. Locker Rooms- children 5 years and older are expected to use the appropriate locker room.

  10. Members may rent lockers for a nominal annual fee.  Members supply their own lock.

  11. Strollers are permitted on the indoor track and in gym.

  12. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  13. Each area will have additional safety guidelines posted.

  14. Persons refusing to obey rules and/or Nordby Center Staff are subject to removal from the facility.

  15. Use of cell phones, cameras or any other form of electronics in the locker rooms is prohibited.



  1. A lifeguard must be on duty if a parent is not directly in the pool area supervising children.

  2. Proper swim attire must be worn at all times when in the pool.  An actual swimsuit must be worn.  No t-shirts or shorts are allowed in the pool.

  3. For your safety, maximum capacity of the pool is 230.

  4. No Band-Aids or gum allowed in the pool area.

  5. No open swim during senior swim, water aerobics classes or swim lessons

  6. Lap swim is available during water aerobics classes and swim lessons

  7. No one under the age of 18 will be allowed to swim without the direct supervision of a parent/guardian (must be at least 18 years old)

  8. Each swimmer must take a shower before entering the pool

  9. No outside pool toys, balls, rafts or water guns

  10. There will be NO:

          -Hanging on the lap lanes

          -Jumping from the starting blocks


          -Touching the backstroke flags



Sanitizing Products

Contact us with any questions or concerns below.

Pool Vacuum
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